Energy Drink Litter

Rosalie x Gideon

First time litter for mom, puppies estimated to be 14-17″ tall. Puppies are expected to be very people orientated and athletic. Parents are people pleasers and cuddle bugs. Both parents have been shown and we are hoping for some show prospects in this litter.

Puppies will be ASDR registered but cannot go Miniature American Shepherd as mom is an AKC Australian Shepherd.

Puppies were born April 25th, 2023 and ready to go home NOW!

Red Bull gives you wings

Redbull - RMM April 25th, 2023

Red merle with classic white and flashy markings.

Newborn remarks – Quiet puppy that isn’t very pushy.

Bright blue eyes. This boy is small and quiet. He’s very observant of his surroundings but loves to be petted. He is playful and loves to be cuddled on. He’s ready to go on adventures and travel anywhere you go.

Registered: ASDR

Tail: Docked

Pet Price: $1,200 – New home in Colorado!

Party like a Rockstar

Rockstar - BTF April 25th, 2023

Classically marked black tri, her mother’s lookalike.

Newborn remarks – Very mobile and never misses a meal.

Bright blue eyes. She is so people focused and ready to play. Her butt is constantly wiggling in motion and ready to roll. She is an active girl that is always on the move.

Registered: ASDR

Tail: Docked


Fuel your destiny

Bang - BMF April 25th, 2023

Minimal white blue merle with loud copper.

Newborn remarks – Actively on the move and a good eater.

Warm brown eyes. This girl is spunky and the first to do anything. She is adventurous and outgoing, ready to take anything on head on. She is very active but loves to cuddle.

Registered: ASDR

Tail: Docked

Pet Price: $1,200 – New home in Colorado!

You only live Nos

Nos - BMF April 25th, 2023

Classically marked blue merle with lighter copper points.

Newborn remarks – Is very quiet and eats peacefully.

Bright blue eyes. This girl is sassy but playful. She is always observant of her surroundings and ready to play with her siblings, toys or us. She will stay small sized, probably a toy.

Registered: ASDR

Tail: Docked

Pet Price: $2,000 – New home in Colorado!