Within The Nile Aussies LLC

Breeder of Australian Shepherds of varying sizes, located in the Eastern Plains of Colorado

Our Family

Our family of two first started this journey together by getting our German Shorthaired Pointer mix, Shira. She started us on this dog journey as she was our first dog together. After this, my significant other had been asking for many years for a miniature Australian Shepherd. After searching all over we got our first Aussie out in Oklahoma and enters our founding stud, Gideon. They were a bonded pair, he would go everywhere with her. Wanting one of my own and loving their personality with the willingness to do anything you ask, I began my search for my own. From there our collection has grown with our resident Mama dog Shira at the centerfold.

We take our dogs everywhere we can with us and enjoy everything they have to offer. Any task we have put them against, they are eager to please and you can just see the gears turning. Most of our Aussies have been started in agility and show a great aptitude to do more. Our dogs are introduced to the resident cats in home as well as the collection of reptiles we have. They are very gentle and curious to learn more. I could not ask for better dogs, each with their own personalities that they bring to the table.

We hope you will enjoy your puppies as we have enjoyed our dogs in every aspect of our lives.

About Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds are part of the herding group and have an interesting history to their origin. Their roots go back to the Pyrenean Shepherd, Border Collie, and Collie breeds. All across countries from Europe, to Australia, and finally landing in California. From here they spread across the entire United States and have been refined to what we lovingly refer to them as "Aussies" today.

The Australian Shepherd entered AKC's herding group in 1993. The breed can, and does, vary in size which is determined by the height of their withers. While some Australian shepherd breeders have selected for a larger dog, others have selectively bred for a smaller dog resulting in the miniature and toy Aussies. According to the AKC standard "Quality is not to be sacrificed in favor of size."

The original Australian Shepherd was a smaller breed which was bred to be larger over time. Many people prefer the smaller size of the Miniature Australian Shepherd. Mini Aussies are the full Aussie package but in a more compact and easy to travel size. They fit well in even the smaller living situations as long as they get ample exercise. This breed is highly intelligent and can be quite easy to train.

About Our Australian Shepherds

Here at Within The Nile Aussies LLC, our animals are our family first and fore most. In our program, we want to focus on genetically tested, sound Australian Shepherds from the toy, miniature and standard size range. We hope to go back to the roots of the breed, who can go out and do their job; whether that is out on a ranch or an agility course, then curl up in bed with you at the end of the day. We will stick as closely as we can to breed standard and pair parents who will complement each other. While we are striving for work and sport prospects, this does not mean we will not create perfect family friends or dogs who are not show quality.

We have started our dogs into shows and introduced to agility. Our hope is to even get our dogs out on stock like they were originally bred for. Puppies will be introduced to an arrange of animals from furry cats to scaly reptiles. We will raise puppies on Puppy Culture to create the most sound dog it can be as an adult. All dogs do great when they have a great start in life.

Our dogs are registered:
American Kennel Club [AKC]
American Stock Dog Registry [ASDR]
Australian Shepherd Association [ASA]

All dogs will be registered through one or more of these registries with the kennel name WTNile at the front.